Foreign Direct Investment in agriculture or global land grabbing ?

Recent years have witnessed an unprecedented upsurge in foreign investment in agriculture either through purchase or leasing of large areas of land in developing countries, especially in some of the poorest countries in Southern Africa. Some of the most publicized investment deals had as principal motives the security of food or energy supplies to the rich countries of investors, in competition with the food security needs of the host countries which continued to receive food aid from multilateral and bilateral donors.

The recent foreign rush on land in developing countries can have profound impacts on the economies of the host countries. Against uncertain benefits derived from such foreign investments, there are serious negative impacts, in terms of threat to national food security, eviction of local population from the land they have traditional access to, and erosion of water and other natural resources. It falls on the responsibility of national governments to protect the right to food of national population and to provide food security to the whole nation, and most particularly the most vulnerable groups of people, by Anh-Nga Tran-Nguyen; Read the short article here and the full article here.


FDI Retails in India is a

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